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Drive Results Global fashion retailer lowers content
creation budgets
by 25% through
partnering with CreativeDrive


Client Challenge
Our client was a global fashion retailer in need of:

Tens of thousands of images created yearly, plus implementation of product videos for over half of their inventory

A creative partner with the ability to consolidate services and eliminate excessive points of contact

A content management platform that improves upon tedious spreadsheets and unreliable tracking via email

CreativeDrive Solution
We worked with our client as a strategic
omni-experience creative partner to:

Lower production costs by relocating the majority of content creation, while retaining a fraction of their content creation in-house with our client's New York City-based art director

Consolidate our client's creative services to streamline communication by eliminating excess points of contact

Create repurposable photo content, allowing resources to be freed for video creation

Business Impact

Campaign and editorial budgets reduced by up to 25%

Elevated level of creative execution and simplified tracking of creative assets

Improved email campaign click-through rates

Implementation of product videos

Client Challenge

Our client, a global fashion retailer, needs tens of thousands of images created per year. Having never used video content before, they also wanted to implement product videos for over half of their inventory. With their corporate headquarters and inventory in the Midwest and their art director based out of New York City, they needed flexible content creation localized around both of their positions. Prior to partnering with CreativeDrive, their disparate needs forced them to partner with multiple niche vendors and manage their workflow through an approach they had long since outgrown—via spreadsheets and emails.

Their approach had spread them too thin and was causing several points of frustration. Their production costs had become unmanageably high by not leveraging a vendor offering economies of scale. By poorly communicating via spreadsheet and email, they were inefficiently managing their creative workflow. Lastly, their network of different vendors made them too reliant on widespread deliverables, slowing their speed to market and curbing their ability to experiment with new kinds of content.

CreativeDrive Solution

Working with our client as a strategic omni-experience creative partner rather than just another executional partner, we realigned their content strategy to meet their needs on all fronts. Starting with consolidation of creative services, we relocated the majority of their content creation to our studio closest to their corporate headquarters, allowing them to lower the cost and time needed to transport samples. Working in tandem with their New York-based art director, we kept a small fraction of content creation in one of our New York City studios to ensure their director's creative vision was instilled into every campaign.

Incorporating a free look that transitioned our client's brand from static to dynamic content, we also delivered an elevated level of creative execution. Making continuous improvements to makeup, hair and lighting, we helped our client refine their brand image. Leveraging our extensive video production experience, we were able to implement product videos, a feature now used on over half of our client's product pages.

Lastly, we helped our client repurpose creative assets across multiple channels—social, print, in-store, direct mail and eCommerce. By repurposing content, we helped our client maximize return on each creative asset and free the resources needed to implement new kinds of content.

Business Impact
As a result of partnering with us, our client:

Gained a strategic omni-experience creative partner committed to elevating creative standards

Streamlined content creation processes to reduce campaign and editorial budgets by up to 25%

Improved click-through rates on email marketing campaigns by 5%

Benefits from creative assets designed to be repurposed across all channels

Now features product videos on over half of their products

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