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Content Management
at the Enterprise Level Helping clients efficiently create, analyze &
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Client's Challenge
Our client was a leading big–box retailer in need of:

A content management platform that would allow them to double their in-house studio's content creation capabilities

A streamlined workflow for handling several million creative assets for eCommerce, social media, broadcast, email and print marketing campaigns

Consolidated feedback on vendors and internal creative teams

CreativeDrive's Solution
We implemented our platform and worked with our client as a workflow consultant to:

Provide visibility for choke points in content creation, allowing them to scale while managing the increased demand for content creation during peak seasons

Create a single source of truth for creative assets, eliminating data inconsistencies while streamlining communication between internal teams and vendors

Build-in metadata tracking for vendors, allowing for eased compliance with content standards

Integrate content sharing and deployment with their content management system (CMS), allowing for immediate delivery of creative assets

Business Impact

Our client doubled the volume of content created via their in-house studio

Several million creative assets derived from hundreds of thousands of yearly asset requests are effectively managed and deployed

Accurate reports now inform our client on internal productivity and vendor compliance

Go to market cycles are shortened through our streamlined process

Client's Challenge

Our client, a leading big-box retailer, produces and manages all of their photo and video content for their eCommerce site and marketing campaigns directly from their in-house studio. With their demand for higher quality content and new forms of content increasing dramatically, they anticipated nearly doubling the amount of content they were going to create over a one year period.

But as the amount of departments and vendors collaborating with content creators grew, they found that their content management process was creating bottlenecks in their ability to deliver higher volumes of content. After trying different point solutions for resolving the choke points hampering their ability to scale, our client sought an end-to-end content management platform built around the creative workflow.

CreativeDrive's Solution

We implemented the CreativeDrive platform as an end-to-end content management solution for our client's in-house studio, allowing them to optimize their creative workflow and efficiently scale high-volume content creation. Building our content management tools around their enterprise's needs, we provided on-site support while transitioning away from outdated and inconsistent tracking methods.

Replacing emails and spreadsheets with our easy-to-use interface, we streamlined data sharing across internal departments and with vendors. With a massive share of our client's product images, specifications and copy being provided by vendors and requiring approval from internal teams, facilitating approval, eliminating manual uploading and providing immediate delivery of assets into our client's internal CMS allowed them to instantly deploy content to their live CMS and eCommerce website and shave days off of their go to market cycle.

Intaking vendor–supplied content through the CreativeDrive platform now also allows our client to instantly rate and accept or reject content sourced from third-parties. Content can also be tagged with metadata that ranks and informs vendors based on their compliance with content standards. For content created via our client's in-house studio, our platform allows them to effortlessly track job requests and samples, create accurate reports on team productivity and quickly find and update content.

Tracking of creative assets through our platform allowed us to meet a crucial need for our client: creating a single source of truth for millions of creative assets. By eliminating the data conflicts caused when unreliable tracking meets high-volume content creation, we allowed our client to effectively manage the millions of creative assets they needed to fuel their burgeoning eCommerce, broadcast, email, print and social media marketing campaigns.

Business Impact
As a result of partnering with us, our client:

Doubled the amount of content they're able to create and manage though their in-house studio with just incremental increases in costs

Effectively manages several million creative assets deployed across all channels, including eCommerce, broadcast, email, print and social media marketing campaigns

Receives accurate reports on vendor compliance and internal team productivity

Publishes creative assets directly to their live CMS and eCommerce website

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