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Client's Challenge
Our client was one of the fastest–growing sportswear brands needing:

An agile content creation team ready to meet their constantly evolving creative deliverables

Hundreds of thousands of image assets created and retouched for use on their eCommerce site, marketing campaigns and for distribution to third party retailers

Resources prioritized to deliver creative assets on time and implement new forms of content, like product videos and motion graphics

CreativeDrive's Solution
We permanently deployed a team to their facilities at their headquarters to:

Create image and video assets directly from our client's facilities managed studio

Implement and continuously update style guides to meet changing brand image needs and speed sample coordination and post–production

Take a hands on approach to overseeing operations and corporate leadership's interaction with content marketing efforts

Business Impact

Implementation of style guides for all forms of content

100% completion rate for photo content creation reached

Editorial content can be created days faster than before

Product videos and motion graphics were integrated into marketing strategy

Client's Challenge

Our client, one of the fastest-growing sportswear brands, faced a handful of content creation challenges as their company experienced dramatic growth over the last several years. Constantly mounting creative deliverables, rapidly expanding product lines, dynamic marketing campaigns, evolving corporate leadership and vendor instability created an unreliable creative process that frequently underperformed—both in speed to market and quality of content.

Their apparel, accessories and footwear merchandise demand hundreds of thousands of creative assets created yearly. Once finalized, our client distributes those assets across their eCommerce site, marketing campaigns and to third party retailers carrying our client's merchandise. With those needs in mind, our client wanted a content creation team that could work on-site from their headquarters' facilities to closely handle large volumes of samples and deliver a consistent brand image in a timely fashion.

CreativeDrive's Solution

Taking into consideration our client's quickly evolving creative deliverables, vast range of personnel interacting with content creators and massive inventory, we recommended working on-site from our client's facilities, rather than from one of our own content creation studios. Permanently deploying a creative team to their headquarters, we integrated our content creation process and cloud-based content management platform with their product design, marketing, print production and IT departments.

To ensure consistent quality, we collaborated with our client to establish style guides we constantly update as their brand's image and marketing campaigns evolve. With guides informing content creators and streamlining post-production photo retouching, it became easier for our client to implement new forms of content—including product videos and motion graphics—into their content marketing strategy.

Before partnering with us, our client's photography deliverables were routinely failing to meet scheduled completion rates. With large chunks of each season's styles failing to go to market on time, instead idling in warehouses, too much of their marketing budget was being allocated to unnecessary overhead. By prioritizing resources, providing productivity reports and tailoring our streamlined creative workflow around their content needs, we were able to help them reach a 100% completion rate for the first time in their company's history.

Business Impact
As a result of partnering with us, our client:

Implemented style guides to inform and maintain a consistently high quality brand image

Reached a 100% completion rate for ecommerce photo content creation for the first time in company history

Produces and distributes on-site editorial content and photo content for third party retailers days faster than before partnering with CreativeDrive

Implemented product videos and motion graphics into their content marketing strategy with just marginal increases to budgets

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