Elevating eCommerce with eMotion

Cliff Pia | May 15, 2018

Elevating eCommerce with eMotion

A friend of mine asked me for some help finding personalized gifts for the groomsmen in his upcoming wedding. Because this was a bachelor party, I immediately thought of engraved silver flasks. After giving it a little more thought, I realized that was a bit “on the nose,” so I landed on wallets: something that would get a lot of use, without getting a DUI.

I knew nothing about buying engraved wallets, so I started searching. What I found was a plethora of sites with still images of engraved wallets, but they all looked virtually the same. Soon, I happened upon a company called Swanky Badger where, in addition to photos, they posted videos of the real reactions people had when receiving these beautiful wallets. I was sold when I saw these grown men open their gifts, read the engraved messages, and begin to cry because they were so touched. Those emotional videos were the differentiator.

It seems I wasn’t alone. Video—especially video with an emotional component—can be a huge influence at the critical final click of an e-commerce transaction. In fact, 57% of consumers feel more confident about a purchase after watching a video (Aberdeen Group), and consumers who view product videos are 85% more likely to buy than consumers who don’t (Internet Retailer). Four times as many consumers prefer to learn about products and services through video than through text copy (eMarketer) and adding video to site content can result in a 157% potential increase in organic traffic from search engine results (Bright Cove).

Most eCommerce sites incorporate a surprisingly small amount of motion in any form, even though its proven that motion drives results. Brands can expect an 80% potential increase in conversion just by adding a landing page video (Eye Digital). And a simple video on Amazon—now the largest product search engine in the world —can increase sales conversation by over 50% on product pages that feature video (Gen Video).

Video provides eCommerce businesses with the ability to present products in a visually compelling way. Seeing the product in high-quality motion can help consumers overcome the fear of buying something that they’ve never seen in person. One of the main barriers to purchasing premium products online is the fact that customers can’t physically touch them. Video is the next best thing to being there; it can often stimulate the emotional triggers associated with touch, which can help motivate a purchase.

While there are plenty of ways for brands to invest in experiential marketing, video is by far the most powerful and promising medium for immersion. It engages multiple senses and rectifies the disconnect between in-store shopping and online shopping. The implementation of integrated CTA features allows shoppers to seamlessly transition from consuming video content to making a transaction. This prevents unnecessary distractions, leading to better conversion rates.

The research is there. eCommerce is exploding, and elevating the customer experience using quality video content can be a key differentiator for your brand, while giving a major boost to your bottom line.