Five Holly Jolly Holiday Shopping Trends Brands Will Use This 2018 Shopping Season

Amy Romero | December 17, 2018

While children dream of a white Christmas this year, consumers will be lulled to sleep with sweet dreams of grabbing steals on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and all throughout the holiday season.

With the right strategy – including interactive and smart content – brands can help consumers have an in-store experience from the comfort of a cozy bathrobe. While planning their holiday content, retailers should take careful note of the growing popularity in trends augmented reality, online ad retargeting, and personalized online shopping experiences.

Here are five holiday trends you’ll see sophisticated brands and retailers using during the 2018 holiday shopping season.

1)    Deck the Halls with the Help of Augmented Reality

We are all familiar with the stress that comes with long lines at the mall, laughable customer service, and endless walking in circles trying to find a specific size or color. By allowing consumers to interact with content in the physical world on a virtual platform, the lines we used to wait in turn to dust and conversion skyrockets. Brands and retailers are quickly turning to apps and tools that let shoppers “try before they buy.” Furniture, cosmetics, fashion, and toy companies are all discovering a whole new way to reach people behind their screens.

2)     Artificial Intelligence is the Gift That Keeps Curating

We’ve got more than just Santa’s little helpers curating the perfect gift list for us. With its increase in algorithmic competency and ability to provide users with more personal experiences, AI knows what you want before you even do. The internet as a whole will influence 80% of consumer shopping decisions in some form or another. Approximately 60% of customers will use mobile platforms within stores to compare prices. And many retailers are turning to chatbots who can assist shoppers make the best choice and save the most money.

3)     Social Shopping and the Joys of Shoppable Content

Over 68% of all holiday shopping traffic will be on mobile devices. With social media usage steadily increasing, the relationship between brands and their customers has turned into a real back-and-forth affair. It’s never been more important to understand each social platform when it comes to user demographics, channel traffic and levels of engagement. This analysis is the first step in producing social content that doesn’t just increase likes – but increases sales. Shoppable content has been prominently emerging among social media outlets with the concept of consumers being able to view-then-buy all in one process. In acknowledging that people crave stories over goods and services, brands use content as a direct doorway to purchasing apps to help immediately satisfy consumer needs.

4)    Whether Naughty or Nice Retargeting Ads Will Make You Check Your List Twice

Smart retailers know that if people are drawn to their websites, only 2% of them will end up buying the product on their first visit. Retargeting can quadruplead response and increase conversions (read: purchases) exponentially. Consistent brand reinforcement plays on the consumers ability to recall while also increasing company exposure. Businesses see online customers as virtual “window-shoppers” waiting to buy; only question is, are they looking at your brand?

5)    Making the Holiday Experience a Personalized Experience

Customers don’t want to be a statistic. More than half of all marketer’s see personalization as a sure way to get higher engagement and better response from shoppers. Knowing your customer is key to creating loyalty and long-term relationships that result in repeat business.  Personalization establishes great customer connection and distinguishes your brand from the general community market. Seeing as how personalized email headlines are 20% more likely to be opened as opposed to generics, only attest to the idea of relevancy and ultimately leads to consumer conversion.

You know how the song goes: deck your halls with heightened targeted advertising campaigns, long meetings about understanding conversion traffic, and turning “clicks” into revenue. The way we shop is in full shift. Are you worried about your content optimization? Have no fear; there’s still time. We make over 3,000 assets a day and can help with all of your last-minute content needs.


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