Future-Proofing the Creation & Execution of your Content Should be the New Normal

Myles Peacock | March 20, 2018

Future-Proofing the Creation & Execution of your Content Should be the New Normal

The notion of the ‘Unattainable Triangle’ of Quality, Speed and Cost is an exercise in futility. Hit reset and focus on the ‘Attainable Square.’

We’re all familiar with the ‘Unattainable Triangle’ – Quality, Speed and Cost, pick two – but in reality, we know businesses demand all three. Instead, let’s take a look from a different lens, making the norm the ‘Attainable Square,’ the points being Quality, Speed, Cost and Intelligent Content (AR / VR / AI / 3D-ready).

In 2017, global e-commerce reached approximately $2.3 trillion and in 2021, is expected to hit $4.5 trillion, according to a Statista report. That said; brands need to make more relevant, meaningful connections that connect with consumers at every step of the way on their purchasing journey, from brand awareness to purchase, and beyond.

New channels emerge every day, adding yet another connection point for brands to engage. This cycle is continuous and while the platform may be unknown, the need for content is predictable. Seemingly so, thus far, it’s a reactive environment where agencies ensure their clients are on every channel. But are the messages relevant? Are they resonating? Or are they simply checking the box?

Agencies need to look at the total engagement model and build from the ground up with agility required to succeed. In the current scenario, agencies are hindered by their lack of agility since the entire infrastructure of Madison Avenue is built on retainer models where inefficiency is rewarded. Agencies are fixated on their woes that clients request the ‘Unattainable Triangle;’ however, businesses dictate all three are required, at minimum.

I am still amazed at agencies that fail to capitalize on enhancing the consumer’s shopper experience. The cart is a crucial piece of the experience. It’s mostly being neglected, and where it is being addressed, it’s not being future-proofed. E-commerce is here to stay and content needs to make a meaningful connection – it also needs to be simplified, reusable and compelling.

Content needs to resonate and adapt to emerging channels at breakneck speed, with less budget and more ROI. Clients demand this all, and content truly becomes king. Let us future-proof this content, and the investment.