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The New Brand Narrative Story-selling Metadata

Myles Peacock | September 25, 2018

Machine Learning and metadata are transforming the power of the brand narrative.

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Mad Men, Data Men, Middle Men

Myles Peacock | July 18, 2018

I consider myself lucky to have grown a career in a dynamic, continuously evolving industry.

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Interview with Myles Peacock, CEO – CreativeDrive

Sudipto Ghosh | July 13, 2018

I steer CreativeDrive’s global executive team strategy, client service, performance offerings and growth strategy,

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Using Technology to Simplify, Streamline, Enhance and Continually Evolve E-Commerce Process

Myles Peacock | July 03, 2018

Technology is a critical differentiator in a competitive marketplace.

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Insights From Cannes Juror Emerging Creative Ecommerce Category

Davia de Croix | June 27, 2018

As a new category, the Creative eCommerce jury team saw 263 pieces.

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Leading Creative Content Production Company CreativeDrive Acquires Zebra Worldwide

Tere Robinson | June 21, 2018

CreativeDrive has acquired Zebra Worldwide in the next stage of its growth.

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Beware the Blockbuster Moment: Pioneering the New Industry Paradigm of Exponential Creativity

Myles Peacock | June 07, 2018

Complaining about the traditional ad agency model may not be quite as old as the model itself, but it comes close.

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Is This is America Falling on Deaf Ears?

Amy Romero | May 17, 2018

A stunning piece of visual rhetoric, the video for Childish Gambinoʼs “This Is America” catapulted into phenomenon status.

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Elevating eCommerce with eMotion

Cliff Pia | May 15, 2018

A friend of mine asked me for some help finding personalized gifts for the groomsmen in his upcoming wedding.

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