The New Brand Narrative Story-selling Metadata

Myles Peacock | September 25, 2018

The New Brand Narrative Story-selling Metadata

Machine Learning and metadata are transforming the power of the brand narrative. In fact, they are the guide stars for global brands, brand strategists and creators, and storytellers to change the narrative from storytelling to story selling, writes Myles Peacock, Global CEO of CreativeDrive.

Machine Learning and metadata are transforming the power of the brand narrative. In fact, they are the guide stars for global brands, brand strategists and creators, and storytellers to change the narrative from storytelling to StorySELLING. Churned out numbers are just that, numbers. But metadata crystallizes those numbers into valuable information, empowering the creation of the most personalized and compelling content for increased consumer engagement, return on investment, and market share.

Thirty years ago, the then-futuristic Jetsons’ loyal maid Rosie spoke to the kitchen appliances to help with producing her grocery list, cooking dinner, and cleaning the kitchen. Fifteen years ago, the tale of machines predicting consumer behavior consisted of Will Smith saving humankind from evil droids on a silver screen in “I-Robot”. These pop cultural touchstones are no longer tall tales, but the reality that is transforming multiple industry sectors including healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, finance, and retail.

Today, Rosie from the Jetsons is metadata personified, following consumers around as they shop, scribbling down every “Like” on social media, keenly eyeing searches and comments as a penultimate digital personal stylist, curator, and shopper, customizing shopping carts based upon personal preferences, tastes, habits, and overall online activity. Not only is Rosie able to perfect the present shopping cart, but she also has the ability to envision what else that consumer might like three to six months ahead of time by furiously reviewing and analyzing user activity. Machine learning harnesses the digital footprint swiftly and efficiently by incorporating algorithm to predict, new and valuable data that significantly impact the decision-making process. That impact is so great that 84% of marketers plan to implement or expand their use of machine learning just this year. Take these few scenarios.

  • Up late last night searching online for those pretty pastel kitchen gadgets? It’s guaranteed that morning scroll through Etsy will lead to some trendy pastel pieces of art, handmade of course, to complement last night’s purchases. Click on a few images, and that next Instagram scroll is likely to include sponsored ads from indie art markets wherever the activity is happening.
  • Downsizing a spacious suburban home for a townhouse in the city? Trust that home décor and home improvement stores are ready to provide only the best of their latest offerings in all things modern, sleek, and smaller but also assist in planning that decorating journey through their aisles.
  • Couples who have been in a relationship for lengthy periods of time start to see engagement ring ads around their third years relationship anniversary on Facebook. Engagement and wedding-related trunk show invitations start popping up on banner ads when web surfing.

None of these scenarios is coincidental or accidental. Social media, browsing, and shopping expeditions are tracked, with every purchase decision made creating a data story that helps to create a personal narrative around the consumer.  This is Machine Learning.

Data-driven storytelling is now the superstar of the “silver screen” and the golden ticket to “box-office” success for the marketing and advertising landscape, with machine learning at the top of the martech and adtech stacks. Data analysts, marketing and advertising campaign strategists, and content creators have the opportunity to leverage machine learning and metadata for maximum effect marketing campaigns and campaign management, content creation, forecasting, media planning, sales incentives, and the production of compelling and interactive designs. The landscape is expanding and evolving at such a rapid pace, suspension of disbelief is not an option. Brand creators have been cast in the leading role and are active storytelling participants in effectively selling the message and product to the consumer in imaginative, interactive ways that also emanate from the machine. Consumers are willing participants and partners in this new paradigm “partnership”, helping to blaze a digital trail across multiple platforms for retailers to ripen and manifest unlimited potential and bounty for marketers, advertisers, and retailers.

Machine Learning is critical to capturing strategic intelligence and transforming it into authentic, multi-dimensional storytelling for optimum engagement of today’s and tomorrow’s consumers. Metadata presents retailers with an unparalleled opportunity to connect, engage, and gain insight into consumers’ mindsets and behavior. Further, it acts as a bridge connecting the digital marketplace with brick and mortar, enticing customers to visit the store, transforming them from one-time customers to one-stop-customers and brand loyalists.  Finally, it significantly impacts cost savings, speed to market, and overall return on investment.

Today’s eCommerce landscape presents new and unparalleled mandates including crafting compelling content and engaging experiences that resonate with a variety of target audiences, bridging the gap between the online and physical realms, and creating a new brand narrative that transcends both worlds for ongoing customer loyalty. The opportunities to capitalize on the consumer’s wants, needs, and experiences are also boundless. It’s about weaving together moments that tell and sell the story – through the limitless powers of the machine and the digital – with human creativity and imagination.  Now that is storytelling that sells.