Top 5 Ways Brands Are Evolving Video to Merge Brand Storytelling and Commerce

Amy Romero | March 12, 2019

Top 5 Ways Brands Are Evolving Video to Merge Brand Storytelling and Commerce

It is no surprise that video has been the king of content for years and continues to maintain its position in our scrolling world as the number one type of content that grabs consumers’ attention.

At CreativeDrive, we’ve seen video content production steadily increase year over year as our clients are on a continuous quest to intrigue, teach, and foster an emotional, personalized connection with their audiences. Additionally, video continues to be the number one medium to tell a compelling brand story. However, more and more, we are seeing brands evolve videos to tell a brands’ stories while simultaneously making their products the hero.

Below are the top ways we are seeing brands evolve their videos to connect with consumers emotionally and demo their products.

#1: How-to Videos:

Who doesn’t love a highly polished,  snack-sized video that teaches you something in less than 60-seconds? Those who understand, teach. Give your audience simple how-to videos that explain the benefits of your products and positions your brand as the expert.

Home improvement giant The Home Depot turned to CreativeDrive to effectively teach millennials how to use power tools. Bonus: this campaign helped to stop frustration in its tracks. The content served to empower millennials so they stop avoiding home-improvement tasks.  It also allowed the audience to see THD as a problem-solver they can trust. Seeing is believing!

#2: Documentaries & Episodics:

Humanize your brand and products through a real life story. Show your audience and help them feel it. Build your brand’s legend and bring brand ambassadors to your door with it.

Sports fuel powerhouse Gatorade turned to CreativeDrive to reach the youth LATAM demographic and connect their product to a major soccer tournament. This high-powered 60-second video highlighted a universal passion for the game and a respect for culture and sportsmanship.

#3: Corporate Responsibility Videos:

Humanizing your core values, goals and community projects by showing the impact you are making to the world. Show consumers that you know your place on the social justice landscape.

Tech leader HP turned to CreativeDrive to create video campaigns that highlighted the global good they were doing via a partnership with UNICEF in countries like Haiti and Syria. Voiced by George Clooney, this clip features the work of HP, The Clooney Foundation for Justice and their belief in bridging the digital divide.

#4: Product Feature Videos:

At the end of the day, your brand has to solve something for your customers in a way that no one else does. And most of the time it is a special feature that a product has that creates the most loyal customers. Flaunt those features and functionality and explain exactly how it helps your consumers busy lives.  We all multi-task and our products should too.

Michael Kors turned to CreativeDrive to create content that showed off their seasonal handbag and how its features, functions, and uses made sense for their clients. They instilled trust in their product and boosted consumers confidence to buy their product online, without even seeing it in person.

#5: Social Media Video:

Stop the scroll with videos that offer a sense of authenticity and further your brand’s storytelling efforts.

Air travel giant United turned to CreativeDrive to create social media content that offered an inside look at their exclusive services and amenities on The Queen of the Skies. Beginning as a vehicle of nostalgia, the video quickly pivots into today’s experience to showcase what it’s really like to fly in style. In today’s quest for all things luxury, this look at grandeur in the skies piques interest with each like and share.

What moves are your brand making today to better connect with your target audiences? CreativeDrive can help you create quality videos that can reach your target – in any language, in any format, and on any platform. We stand ready with a global team rich in experience to strategize, write, ideate, create, edit, localize, and deliver.

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