Brand and Retailer Content Optimization

Ecommerce content isn’t one size fits all. As customer experience strategies have evolved and matured, retailers and brands are looking for new ways to move the needle, including differentiation and customization. From Amazon to Walmart, top online retailers have unique product detail page layouts, rich media requirements, and search algorithms. To succeed in these spaces, you need an Ecommerce team that’s up to speed and experienced in navigating the differences. Optimization is essential.

Product Detail Page Content Strategy.

The product detail page can make or break your Ecommerce strategy. It needs to be search-friendly and it needs fire on all cylinders—capturing interest, conveying information, increasing buyer confidence, and triggering conversion. How to do that? It’s different for every retailer, from character counts to page layout to image gallery size. Too many brands fail to understand how retailer-specific optimization can make a difference. CreativeDrive specializes in this detailed type of content strategy, with a focus on these critical areas:

  • Search optimization
  • Descriptive content strategy
  • Bulleted content optimization
  • Titles optimization
  • Image sequence

Enhanced Content and Rich Media.

Enhanced content, including Amazon A+, syndicated Webcollage, or platform-specific rich media, can have a powerful effect on conversion rates. In fact, Amazon estimates that brands can expect a 3–10% sales lift when A+ content is present. Depending on platform capabilities, you can add additional images, video, 360-degree views, interactive tours, and more. It’s one of the best ways to optimize a product detail page, and can give you an expanded platform for your brand images and voice.

Search Optimization and Discoverability.

Discoverability is key to online success. Consumers can’t buy products if they can’t find them—and that’s where we come in. Studies show that most online shoppers do not click past the first page of search results, while a majority of shoppers don’t make it past the first 5 result listings, according to a 2014 Advanced Web Rankings study. At CreativeDrive, our experts understand how retailer search algorithms work. They not only focus on improving organic search results, they also work to elevate rankings within retail platforms—using content quality to increase conversion rate, improve relevancy, and boost customer satisfaction. It’s a win-win for you.

New Item Setup.

Getting new items set up on online retailers is a complex process. Our team has years of experience and knows the ins and outs of optimized onboarding on every major retailer platform. We’ll help you set up new products variate items, publish content, and ensure accurate loading for attributes, specs, dimensions, and more. It’s a process that’s different for every retailer, and our experience will help make it go as quickly and smoothly as possible.

The CreativeDrive Difference

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