Content Technology

Our content production technology platform helps brands save money and time and provides full transparency into the status of their work.

We use content technology services to:

  • Streamline workflows and production at speed
  • Translate into languages and across platforms
  • Study data
  • Adapt machine learning to products
  • Respond to what consumers want
  • Predict their changing needs and desires

Need content technology experts? Look no further.

We do more than just create amazing content. Our content creation technology services teams help you simplify digital asset management, expedite creative review and make smarter, insight-driven decisions.

Empower our content creation technology services to:

  • Collaborate with you on the right analytics, data, cloud or IT infrastructure partner
  • Review, choose and refine analytics and reporting solutions for content creation and management  
  • Create smarter, faster, better and more effective content at speed and scale without ignoring cost
  • Localize content for audiences across channels and markets around the world

Data and content creation technology are ubiquitous to business.

Let our content technology experts help you scope, select and implement vanguard tools that enable you to align your workflows, assets, financials and reporting tools with your key performance indicators (KPIs) and goals.

Our content technology solutions are practical and powerful.

In addition to helping our clients choose the right cloud or IT infrastructure solutions from technology giants like Amazon, Microsoft, Oracle and others, we have longstanding partnerships with several leading system vendors.

Our partners include Agility MRM, an asset approval and usage rights management platform; Otomo, a banner automation solution that significantly reduces the cost of localizing content and gives you control over how your banners adapt; and our reporting and business intelligence portal, an ERP/workflow tool that helps our teams manage project budgets and financial resources.

Meet our Content Technology Power Trio: Agility MRM, Otomo, and our Reporting and Business Intelligence Portal

  • Agility MRM

This easy-to-use content technology solution enables you to manage all elements of a project, including:

  1. Online briefs
  2. Project, task and milestone planning
  3. Creative review and approvals
  4. Digital assets
  5. Usage rights

It can also connect to your enterprise applications, such as your CRM, ERP and PIM as well as to specialized apps that automate content and asset distribution thanks to its open API framework.

  • Otomo

This adaptive banner automation tool reduces the cost of localizing content and enables you to:

  1. Break apart new banners or build new ones using templates, images, text, click-through links and more
  2. Use Excel/Google data to adjust locations, images, messaging and other variables that are automatically rendered and ready for review by media owners
  3. Create campaign assets in the fraction of the time by having our teams design and build reusable banner templates for your team

Reporting and Business Intelligence Portal

This ERP/workflow tool enables  our teams and you to manage your project’s budget and financial resources:

  • Manage rate cards, costs estimates, purchase orders and even third-party tenders with this multi-currency tool
  • Access and track activities, spending and budgets on demand and in real-time
  • Build reports quickly and easily using any combination of data or charts or create and save reports
  • Export and manipulate data in Excel, save it as a PDF or integrate it directly into PowerPoint presentations

The CreativeDrive Difference

We help you and your team achieve (and often exceed) your marketing, sales and growth goals. Our passion to create compelling content, our commitment to your success and our seamless fusion of art and technology are some of the things that set us apart.

We know that when your customers are happy, you’re happy. And when you’re happy, we’re happy.

Interested in easy-to-use content creation technology solutions?

Get in touch. We’re eager to show you how we can streamline your workflows and increase your profits with our content technology solutions.


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