Ecommerce Audit

Is your Ecommerce content driving sales? At CreativeDrive, we’ll not only help you understand how your Ecommerce content is impacting your bottom line, but also help you understand why. Let our Ecommerce Optimization Team audit the current state of your online content on retailers, social media platforms, and your own branded website. We’ll compare what you’re doing to your top competitors, uncovering gaps and finding opportunities for improvement to help fuel your growth.

Free Performance Audit.

First we search, analyze, and evaluate. Then we categorize, compare, and calculate. The CreativeDrive Ecommerce Optimization Team will gauge the health of your holistic brand content, and deliver a comprehensive audit report covering content quality, quantity, and strategy. We’ll take a look at these critical areas:

  • Copy content
  • Imagery
  • Video
  • Enhanced/A+ content
  • Retailer search
  • Organic search
  • AMS
  • Social media

Find Top Content Opportunities.

Not all content is created equal. Content that works on one retailer or digital channel might fall flat on another. That’s why it’s important to make sure your content is optimized to follow best practices, whether it’s on your own eCommerce site or product pages on large online retailer sites. Our content strategists will uncover opportunities and help you understand how to maximize the impact of your content in every channel.

See How Your Content Measures Up.

The Ecommerce marketplace is highly competitive, which makes it even more important to keep up with what your competitors are doing. From content strategy to search to engagement, we’ll take a look at how other brands or retailers are ranking for top keywords, what they’re posting on social media, and how well they’re optimizing content. Knowledge is power, and it’s key to closing the gap with your top competitors.

The CreativeDrive Difference

We’ll help you and your team plan for tomorrow by taking a fresh look at what you’re doing today. Our team knows what it takes to succeed in the highly competitive online marketplace. We’re ready to share our knowledge and get you started on the path to success.


Let’s start creating amazing content together.