Post Production

After you’re done shooting, post-production comes in. But how do you find a post-production partner that can kick your content up a notch?

You won’t have to.

At CreativeDrive, we match you with the right content post-production services team from the get-go to ensure you make a great impression.  

Save money and get a polished product.

Post-production can be expensive, but our innovative business model, streamlined workflow and state-of-the-art technology help save you money without sacrificing quality.

Get your finished product to your target audiences at speed and scale when you partner with our post-production experts. Our highly talented and passionate content post-production services team specializes in enhancing your native and branded media and increasing your content’s visual appeal. From post-production services such as video editing to incorporating visual effects relevant to your brand and aesthetic, our creators have you covered.

We have a sharp eye for detail, video production and post-production, and we work with you to ensure our creative direction is aligned with your brand’s vision and goals.

We’re master problem solvers who are always looking to increase efficiency and clarity whenever and wherever we can. Using our powerful, yet easy-to-use content management platform, you can easily manage, review and keep track of the status of your projects.

Our post-production services include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Video
  • Photography
  • Editing
  • Color correction
  • Audio design
  • Visual effects
  • Translation/subtitles

Our post-production process focuses on telling your story.

  • Video post-production:

We have an array of amazing editors and talented cinematographers who are adept at providing creative direction and helping you and your team choose the shots that showcase your brand and capture its aesthetic.

We specialize in everything from sound editing to securing music to sound mixing and more. We can even help you with subtitling and dubbing to make sure your branded and non-branded content has a maximum impact at every market you’re trying to reach.

  • Photo post-production:

Our photo-processing team is obsessed with creating the high quality images that tell your story. From removing pimples, blemishes and stray hairs in beauty shots to removing distracting features in backgrounds, our photo editing experts know what to keep, what to remove and what to enhance to evoke emotion and solicit action from your target audience.

We’re also masters at tweaking exposures and adding details like shadows, highlights, contrast and other features to make the subject of your photo pop. Whether it’s a dress, a lipstick, a sports car or a sports bra, our team knows how to smooth, blend and make adjustments that turn a good photo into striking image shareable across social media and throughout your digital presence.

The CreativeDrive Difference

We help you and your team achieve (and often exceed) your marketing, sales and growth goals. Our passion to create amazing content, our commitment to your success and our seamless fusion of art and technology are some of the things that set us apart.

We know that when your customers are happy, you’re happy. And when you’re happy, we’re happy.

Want professional, high-quality video at speed and scale that’s within your budget?

Contact us today and let us show you what our team can deliver.


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