Video and Motion Graphics

Screen Presence.

If it ends up on a screen – our teams imagine it, create it, capture it, perfect it, and make it work for your brand. Think about all the screens you encounter these days, and all the places you see them: stadiums, Times Square, computers, conference rooms, subways, airplanes, TVs, dashboards, billboards, cell phones, gas pumps, cash registers, taxi cabs, watches, even home appliances – and that’s barely scratching the surface. Today, you can reach your target on any number of screens, in any number of settings.

First things first.

Before we decide which of those tactics will serve your brand best, we’ll work with you to define your marketing strategy, to form a clear vision for your brand and business goals. Then, we’ll hand pick your team of talent based on your brief, your budget, and how your video content will best serve you. Some brands need digital display advertising for their online marketing, some need short-form branded content, some need long-form branded content, some need corporate videos, some need high quality shareable videos loaded with viral potential, some need incredible motion graphics with messages and typography that grab the viewer and don’t let go, and some need all of the above. One thing is universal though – every brand needs the needle moved. Making that happen is what we do.

A deep bench.

We move your needle because our bench is deep. Our teams are full, and diverse; staffed with directors, producers, production services, writers, art directors, creative directors, post-production crews, editors, engineers – we have them all. Their experience is rich. Their awards are enviable. Their ideas are off the charts. Their portfolios are filled with work you’ve admired. They stand ready to strategize, write, ideate, create, shoot, produce, edit, and deliver.

Inside Job.

Besides having global teams of skilled masters, our toolbox is stuffed with cutting edge advantages. We have in-house studios. We have camera crews. We have edit suites. We have people and workstations dedicated solely to creating visual effects. We have run-and-gun same-day crews. We have TV commercial crews. We have documentary crews. Add in leading edge facilities in nearly every time zone and your projects can get true 24/7 dedication. With CreativeDrive, it’s not a claim; it’s your day-to-day reality.

The CreativeDrive Difference

We bring the best of tradition into tomorrow. Our great directors are great directors, regardless of the era. The same goes for our art directors, our producers, our writers, our designers, and on and on. They bring a timeless sensitivity of story and picture and craft. We equip them with cutting edge tools, turn them loose, watch them rock at speed and scale, and your brand gets the benefits.


Let’s start creating amazing content together.