By Myles Peacock

Technology is a critical differentiator in a competitive marketplace.


We have seen transformative technology converting a traditional taxi service to Uber, Lyft, and Via. The banking industry is slowly embracing technology to increase efficiencies but it’s still a case of a traditional business playing catch up. It’s clear that increased efficiency is tied to increased productivity and creativity. In time, smaller, faster options will eat away at the bigger players.

At a high-level look at Amazon in 2000, they were ‘just’ an e-commerce company growing incredibly fast but struggling with infrastructure scaling problems. To solve their issues, the company built internal systems to increase efficiencies and manage their exponential growth. They later realized the efficiencies they created – an incredibly robust platform with excess capacity – had a spot in the marketplace and, voila, Amazon Web Services was born. Now, AWS is a cloud services platform with 2017 revenue of $17.46 billion.


In the same vein of internal problem solving, CreativeDrive’s team of developers built a platform where transparency and efficiency shine.


CreativeDrive offers a proprietary cloud-based service called CreativeDrive Suite (CDS), where we accelerate and modernize digital content production by integrating data and workflow from the supply chain to content publishing.

We have created technology that goes end to end through the entire lifecycle of the content creation process. Our technology interweaves the capture process through to the delivery of the assets appropriate to the channels. It is crucial to have these types of efficiencies in order to address the need for speed, scale and metrics reporting.

Efficiency in the content creation process is essential to being innovative in content creation. Period.

Tapping into the predictability of machine learning and utilizing state-of-the art technology, we systematically manage the complete workflow of high-volume visual productions on a single platform from sites around the world resulting in increased speed-to-market and drastically improved ROI.

Our team has found that by solving our internal need to simplify, streamline, enhance and continually evolve the high-volume e-commerce content creation process, we’ve built a marketable opportunity for our clients who have recognized that the industry needed to address the lack of technology.

By weaving technology into a now seamless process, we spend more time on the creative side optimizing the content as we’ve eliminated redundancies that have plagued the industry thus far.

Very simply, by using CDS, our clients will always:

  • Know where their samples are. Always.
  • Have access to real-time updates and content productions.
  • Know the location of all visual assets.