Sonic Branding: A Sound Strategy for Brand Success in 2019

Cliff Pia | March 25, 2019

The power of sound, when harnessed as sonic branding, can connect consumers to your brand for a lifetime.

Content Brands Sonic Branding Sound Music Composition Retailers

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Jay Stradwick

CreativeDrive | January 24, 2019

New York, New York

Meet Jay Stradwick, on any given day you can catch Jay helping crews set up, planning evening events, or telling stories to make all feel welcome. Whether it be a meal, a jam session, a kind word (or a sarcastic one), Jay’s got you.

Music Storyteller New York

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Matt Pavolaitis

CreativeDrive | January 05, 2018

Carlsbad, California

Meet Matt Pavolaitis, a passionate musician influenced by his Boston roots and creative family, Matt started writing at a young age and has learned how to make his audience feel emotion with every piece he creates.

Music Composer California

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